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Verizon Ellipsis™ 7 will quickly become your go–to tablet for entertainment and productivity. Perfectly designed to grab and go, it features a 7–inch HD display, ample battery life and a powerful processor that lets you easily switch from e-books to games to email. It's exclusive to Verizon and its... read more
The battery on my Android doesn't seem to last as long as it used to. I noticed that Maps is using up most of my battery power. It’s the Google Latitude service that does it. That neat part of the Google Maps app that lets your friends know exactly where you are.
When I asked the Twittersphere and our Facebook page about your biggest cellphone annoyances a while back, one of your biggest complaints was overhearing people's phone conversations. The New York Times takes a look at why we find that so annoying. The basic reason we're so irritated when we... read more
Winter is in full effect, and even though we're past the midpoint, it has been getting colder and colder here in Indiana. While I do travel with my gadgets quite a bit, I've learned that cold weather is not always tech-friendly. You may not realize it, but freezing temps can be just as dangerous... read more
It was a big week for apps. Twitter released Vine, a new way for creating and sharing video content, and Temple Run 2, the app that garnered an astounding 20 million downloads in its first 4 weeks in the iOS App Store finally made its way to Android. We saw a few new apps for reading your news, and... read more